My situation changes every moment. Sometimes I am in favor, sometimes in disgrace. My chief happiness consists in my being absent from him. I lead a quiet and tranquil life with my regiment at Ruppin. Study and music are my principal occupations. I have built me a house there, and laid out a garden where I can read and walk about.

The consternation at Berlin, as contradictory reports of victory and defeat reached the city, was indescribable. M. Sulzer, an eye-witness of the scene, writes under date of Berlin, August 13th, 1759: In the mean time, during the two years in which Maria Theresa was making these conquests, Frederick, alarmed by the aggrandizement of Austria and the weakening of France, while unavailingly striving to promote peace, was busily employed in the administration of his internal affairs. He encouraged letters; devoted much attention to the Academy of Arts and Sciences; reared the most beautiful opera-house in Europe; devoted large sums to secure the finest musicians and the most exquisite ballet-dancers which Europe could afford. He sought to make his capital attractive to all those throughout Europe who were inspired by a thirst for knowledge, or who were in the pursuit of pleasure. Commencement of the Sixth Campaign.The Fortified Camp at Bunzelwitz.Skillful Engineering.Unintermitted Toil of the Soldiers.Retreat of the Russians.Loss of Schweidnitz.Peculiar Treatment of General Zastrow.Close of the Sixth Campaign.The King at Breslau.Desponding Letter to DArgens.Death of Elizabeth of Russia.Accession of Peter III.His Marriage with the Daughter of a Prussian General.Takes the Baptismal Name of Catharine.Assassination of Peter III.Curious Proclamation by the Empress.Commencement of the Seventh Campaign.Alliance of Russia with Prussia.Withdrawal from the Alliance.Termination of the War.

A mans moral nature must be indeed obtuse who could thus recommend the compulsion of a peaceable citizen to act the part of a traitor to his own country, under the alternative of having his house fired and his wife and children massacred. Great God! my sister of Baireuth, my noble Wilhelmina, dead; died in the very hours while we were fighting here.

The mountain range upon the south, which separated Silesia from the realms of the Queen of Hungary, was three or four hundred miles long, with some twenty defiles practicable for the passage of troops. The French minister Valori urged Frederick to guard these passes. This was impossible; and the self-confidence of the Prussian king is revealed in his reply: My friend, if you wish to catch the mouse, you must not shut the trap, but leave it open. Sophie Dorothee dispatched a courier with these documents, to go with the utmost speed to England. It was a long journey in those days, and the winds were often contrary. A fortnight passed. Three weeks were gone. Still there was no answer. On the 25th of January, 1730a day, writes Wilhelmina, which I shall never forgetFinckenstein, Borck, and Grumkow again called upon the queen, with the following message from the king:

Sire, it would be cheap at a hundred ducats.